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Building a Light Clay Straw Wall for the Grow Room

Working on the StarPlate Dome






Board and Batten Cabins Earth Plastering Building 80% Salvaged Apprentice Cabin
Earthen Dome w/ earth bag, ligtht clay straw and cedar slab wood techniques Light Clay Straw Walls for Grow Room Building the Tiny House Village

Update: Currently we are not running a full natural building work exchange program; however, you can apply for a work exchange (focusing on natural building) position or building/maintenance staff position. Please apply through the work exchange section of the website.

Natural Building Apprenticeship

The Sustainable Living Center is offering a building apprenticeship program with four sessions from spring to winter, or an option to sign up for the entire season or multiple sessions (sometimes we have opening for shorter periods of time or for flexible start dates - please inquire).

Although the Center has 3 seasonal sessions and the full season session, we sometimes accepts interns for shorter time periods and during the winter as well. Please email if you would like to check on availability. However, this program is only for those committed to their education as a serious natural builder- be it just for a few weeks or the entire season.

Housing on the Farm is in an Off-the-Grid Cabin with other apprentices, or in the Bunkhouse. There is also the option to camp. No pets allowed.

Apprentices are also given produce from the gardens and other bulk staples. The food supplied is predominately vegetarian; however, meat could be supplied from time to time from Farm-raised animals as its available.

The Farm is within walking distance of Tucker Lake (Springs Valley State Recreation Area) and the Hoosier National Forest (lots of trails), and biking distance from Patoka Lake, French Lick, and Paoli.

The Program Includes Areas such as:

  • Helping Building Leader construct new cabins in our Tiny House Village
  • Working on new off-the-grid energy systems, such as wind, solar, rocket stoves, cook stoves, outdoor kitchens, water catchment, grey water systems, etc.
  • Building methods, incorporating sacred geometry, cob, straw bale, earth bag, slipstraw, etc....
  • Misc. projects around the land...

Please download the application (please make sure to download application to your comuputer, fill out, then save) and email completed application, along with a current photo of yourself, to Michael Hicks, at michael (at) A prospective student may apply for one or multiple sessions. Contact us if there are any questions.

Application deadlines:

All Sessions (Spring to Winter) - February 28th
Spring Session - February 28th
Summer Session - March 15th
Fall Session - May 31st

Winter Session - September 30th

The program does not cost for the apprentices; however, the most qualified will be chosen for the positions. All apprentices will receive a certificate upon completion of the natural building program.




Nearly Finished with Phase 1 of the Earthship Inspired House

Erecting the purlins for Hoophouse #3

Working on the Earthen StarPlate Dome

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