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100% Grass-Fed Beef (Grass-Fed and Grass-Finished)

Ways to Order:

Beef Bundles - Healthy Meat from happy animals at a discounted price when you buy our bundles.  We are now delivering to Indianapolis, Bloomington, Bedford, Jasper, Orange County, and more!  Please see our beef bundles page for more info on how to order a delivery.

Whole, Half, and Quarter Beef Available - We process beef every few months, so please inquire about the next available time to purchase a whole, half, or quarter beef. See information on how to order below.

Beef CSA Options - Main Season (May - October), Late Fall (Late October - Mid December), Winter/Early Spring (January - April)
See our CSA Page for more details and how to sign up.

Bulk Specials also available - order 25 or more lbs and get 10% off. Email Michael at michael1 (at) indianacommunity.org for current pricing or to make an order.

Our Hereford and Limousin steers lounging by the spring fed creek.

“Seriously the best beef we have ever had.  I have been telling everyone.” Deanna M.

Our 100% grass-fed steers are given the best life possible. They have access to beautiful, green pastures, shade, and spring fed creeks. They are never given antibiotics or hormones. And the pasture they graze on is never sprayed with pesticides or herbicides. If you are looking for a clean, healthy meat, then this is it!

The meat is more healthy for you. It contains less "bad fats" and more "good fats", which include omega-3 fatty acids and CLA. And grass-fed beef has been shown to contain more vitamins than grain fed beef. Grass-fed beef is more healthy for the cows and more healthy for you!

Grass-Fed Beef Prices

 Regular Price per lb 
Ground Beef  $9.00
Chuck Roast  $10.00
Fillet Steaks  $24.00
Ribeye Steaks  $20.00
NY Strip Steak $18.00
Sirloin, Hanger, Flank Steaks  $15.00
Sirloin Tip, Skirt Steaks  $12.00
Bologna, Franks  $12.00
Brisket  $8.00
Short Ribs  $7.00
Heart, Liver, Kidneys  $5.00
Oxtail, Tongue  $10.00
Soup Bones, Marrow Bones  $5.00

Prices Current as of 9/16/23 and subject to change at any time.

How to Order our Meat

Orders can be made ahead of time (email or phone) to pick up directly at the farm near French Lick. Please call a day or two ahead so we can have time to pack your order and schedule a pickup time. Minimum $30 order (meat, eggs, or produce).

If you order a beef bundle or other bulk amount (above 50 lbs), we can deliver to you, as long as you are in our region (see bundle page for delivery area) for a $9 delivery fee.

Buying a Whole, Half, or Quarter Beef

The pricing advantage to buying grass fed in a whole, half, or quarter steer is that you get all of the cuts(including the expensive ones) for less than the price of ground beef. Another advantage of purchasing in this manner is that you get to specify the processing details (e.g. thickness of cuts).

Some more details about purchasing a whole, half, or quarter beef from Living Roots:

  • Pricing for Whole, Half, or Quarter Beef:
    • Whole Beef - $6.50/lb
    • Half Beef - $6.75/lb
    • Quarter Beef - $7.00/lb
  • Price per lb is based on hanging weight
    • Whole Beef - approx 400- 500 lbs
    • Half Beef - approx 200-250 lbs
    • Quarter Beef - approx 100-125 lbs
  • Processing details:
    • Customers pay processing fees (see sanderprocessing.com)
    •  Meat is picked up at Sander Processing in Celestine, IN.
    • Customers get to give input on processing details by filling out form below
    • Estimated processing cost is $425-475 for a full beef (depending on exact size and specific requests - amount of patties, franks, etc.)
  • Deposits required:
    • Whole Beef - $800
    • Half Beef - $400
    • Quarter Beef - $200
  • Balance is due before meat is picked up (will be communicated once beef is at Sander Processing and weighed).
  • We accept cash, check, or credit card

Once availability is confirmed, please fill out the following form to give processing details, etc.

Butchering Instructions Form

Please confirm beef date of processing and availability before mailing in payment or paying with credit card below.

Mail this completed form and a check for the deposit amount to:

Living Roots Inc.
Michael Hicks
5907 W. County Road 375 S.
French Lick, IN 47432

Or pay online with credit card here:

Choose Whole, Half, or Quarter Beef

Please email Michael at michael1 (at) indianacommunity.org or call (812) 727-5444 to check availability or to place an order.

Thank you - all proceeds go to help support this cutting edge project trying to do all we can to give people better food choices.


Living Roots Inc., 5907 W. County Road 375 South, French Lick, IN 47432

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