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Pastured Pork

Ways to Order:

Whole or Half Hog Available - We process hogs every few months, so please inquire about the next available time to purchase a whole or half hog. See information on how to order below.

Pork Bundles Available - Healthy Meat from happy animals at a discounted price when you buy our bundles.  We are now delivering to Indianapolis, Bloomington, Bedford, Jasper, Orange County, and more!  Please see our pork bundles page for more info on how to order a delivery.

Meat CSA Options - Main Season (May - October), Late Fall (Late October - Mid December), Winter/Early Spring (January - April)
See our CSA Page for more details and how to sign up.

Bulk Specials also available - order 25 or more lbs and get 10% off. Order 50 lbs or more and get 20% off. Email Michael at michael1 (at) indianacommunity.org for current pricing or to make an order.

Our hogs love grass, roots, and grubs and now they have access to lots of these through our rotational grazing setup at Living Roots using easily moveable electric fencing. Our current pork for sale includes: chops, tenderloin, boneless pork loin, bacon, jowl bacon, sliced ham, chorizo, bratwurst, ground pork, Italian sausage, salt and pepper sausage, sage sausage, ribs, and lard. Most Pastured Pork pigs get a non-GMO grain (the grain is still grown with chemicals), but our pigs get a Chemical-Free grain (our local supplier doesn't certify organic but the grain is just as clean), making our pork about as clean as you can get.
You can find our pork at the Bloomington Community Farmers Market year round, in our CSA, or you can order direct from our farm.

Duroc-Berkshire Hogs Pastured Rotational Grazing Program
Leo interacting with our American Guinea Hogs.

Pastured Pork Prices

 Regular Price per lb 
Ham- Thick Sliced  $9.00
Sandwich Ham  $10.00
Half Ham (Holiday Ham - 7-12 lbs)  $9.00
Smoked Bacon -Thick Sliced  $10.75
Smoked Jowl Bacon  $10.75
Canadian Bacon  $10.75
Bacon Ends  $9.00
Pork Chops  $9.75
Pork Shoulder  $9.00
Ground Pork  $9.00
Spare Ribs  $8.00
Baby Back Ribs  $9.00
Bratwurst  $9.00
Pork Cutlet (for Tenderloin Sandwich)  $9.00
Lard  $5.00
Sage Sausage (Bulk,Piggy Links, Patties)  $9.00
Italian Sausage (Bulk, Links, or Piggy Links)  $9.00
Chorizo  $9.00
Salt and Pepper Sausage (Bulk or Piggy Links)  $9.00
Tenderloin  $19.75
Boneless Pork Loin  $11.75
Ham Hocks  $9.00
Pork Neckbones  $4.00
Liver  $4.00
Heart  $4.00
Tongue  $4.00
Kidneys  $4.00

Prices Current as of 8/15/22 and subject to change at any time.

How to Order our Meat

Orders can be made ahead of time (email or phone) to pick up directly at the farm near French Lick. Please call a day or two ahead so we can have time to pack your order and schedule a pickup time. Minimum $30 order (meat, eggs, or produce).

If you order a pork bundle or other bulk amount (above 50 lbs), we can deliver to you, as long as you are in our region (see bundle page for delivery area) for a $9 delivery fee.

Buying a Whole or Half Hog

The pricing advantage to buying pork in a whole or half hog is that you get all of the cuts(including the expensive ones) for less than the price of the cheaper cuts. Another advantage of purchasing in this manner is that you get to specify the processing details (e.g. type of sausages, etc.).

Some more details about purchasing a whole or half hog from Living Roots:

  • Pricing for Whole or Half Hog:
    • Whole Hog- $4.75/lb
    • Half Hog- $5.00/lb
  • Price per lb is based on hanging weight
    • Whole Hog - approx 200 lbs
    • Half Hog - approx 100 lbs
  • Processing details:
    • Customers pay processing fees (see sanderprocessing.com)
    •  Meat is picked up at Sander Processing in Celestine, IN.
    • Customers get to give input on processing details by filling out form below
    • Estimated processing cost is $200-225 for a whole hog (depending on exact size and specific requests - amount of links, cured items, etc.).
  • Deposits required:
    • Whole Hog - $300
    • Half Hog - $150
  • Balance is due before meat is picked up (will be communicated once hogs are at Sander Processing and weighed).
  • We accept cash, check, or credit card

Once availability is confirmed, please fill out the following form to give processing details, etc.

Butchering Instructions Form

Please confirm pork date of processing and availability before mailing in payment or paying with credit card below.

Mail this completed form and a check for the deposit amount to:

Living Roots Inc.
Michael Hicks
5907 W. County Road 375 S.
French Lick, IN 47432

Or pay online with credit card here:

Choose Whole or Half Hog

Please email Michael at michael1 (at) indianacommunity.org or call (812) 727-5444 to place an order.



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