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Michael Hicks, Founder/Owner, Farm Manager, Farm School Director/Teacher, Massage Therapist

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Michael has led a very passionate and dynamic life thus far. A variety of broad experiences has given him an optimistic perspective of how we can proactively create a better future for ourselves, our communities, and our planet. His intent is to empower others to find their peace, their bounty, and their own deeper path through life.

Michael has been teaching farm education, health and wellness, and business within experiental education learning models for over 15 years. He has taught hundreds of students through apprenticeships, public school, workshops, classes, and work exchange programs.

Out of high school, Michael was nominated to attend the US Air Force Academy. After spending two years there, he transferred to and graduated with high honors from the Indiana University Kelley School of Business, with a degree in Accounting and Finance. Two years of working in corporate America then sent him into his deep self-exploratory years. He traveled for two years around the world, visiting far off corners of the planet such as Lapland, Timbuktu, and Tibet. His love of diversity and life was expanded during these years as he witnessed both the beauty of this earth, its creatures, its cultures, and at the same time, the destructive environmental and social damage that is occurring on this planet.

This knowledge and awareness has led Michael down a path of healing and philanthropy. Michael has traveled to 40 countries, worked as an outdoor experiential education teacher for Outward Bound, owned and operated Indian Creek Farm, where he sold organic vegetables and herbs, ran the Center for Community Empowerment, and was the Finance Director for EO Products, a family owned organic and natural personal body care company in California.

He has done much volunteer work and served on various boards, which include the Board of Directors for the Local Growers Guild, the Board of Directors for Lost River Community Coop, and the Bloomington Community Farmers Market Advisory Board. While in California, Michael graduated from Diamond Light School of Massage and Healing Arts with a Professional Bodywork Therapist certificate. He also attended the California Institute of Integral Studies, where he focused on personal/spiritual growth with an East/West perspective as well as individual and relationship counseling.

His hobbies include farming, natural building, massage therapy, AcroYoga, food production/preservation/fermentation, mead/beer making, cheese making, cooking in general, natural living, herbal medicine making, yoga, traveling, hiking, listening to live music, trying to play drums and the guitar. Most importantly he loves playing on the farm with his son, Leo.

Christina Bovinette, Farm School Program Coordinator, Animals Manager, Farmers Markets

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Christina hails from Illinois where she tried corn once. She became an environmentalist when she realized WalMart was ruining everything and that bull-fights were still a thing. In college, while earning her degree in Environmental Philosophy, she learned about farming first-hand on small farms in the Shawnee National Forest of southern Illinois. Her interest in environmental challenges led her to graduate work during which she discovered teaching and continued to work on farms (the Cardos Farm Project near Ray Roberts State Park in Texas, and Blue-Eyed Dog Farm at the foothills of the Bitterroots, Montana). While both her geographic and professional landscapes have varied, the overarching theme of Christina’s work, both professional and personal, has been the environment and local communities. Her interest in practical work and the desire to create what ought to be right here, where we are, brings her to farming and to Living Roots, where she seeks to support local resiliency, in response to and in awareness of the challenges that face our society and environment.  When she’s not scooping feed or poop (usually it’s the latter), you’ll find Christina reading or wandering near Patoka Lake.

Alison Carr, CSA  
Thadius Wooden, Animals, Pork Operations  
Lucas Kseniak, Produce, Online Farmers Market  

Supporting Members
Laurie Becher
Erin Hochgesang
Tim Bowman
Sam Arena
Dr. John and Paula Clayton
John Gibson
Norbert Krapf
Paul McKenzie
Shireen McKenzie
David Masterson
Joseph Butterfield
Janice Luebbehusen
Debbie Hicks
Lisa Engelke
David Dudine
Lisa Boyles
Jeff Mease
Hootoksi Tyabji
Emma Wännström
Sister Mary Lee Hillenbrand
Tom Gallagher
Laura Henne
Linda Chapman
De Feigel
Ron Day
Janabai Raymundo
Hollie Hirst
Rebecca Cohen
Timothy Wickham
Janice Lilly
Ethan Engelke
Amina Shabani
Drew Eckert
Michael E. Hicks
Dee Wickham
Sara Pugh
Carol Olinger
Carol Thornton-Anderson
Kristen Abbott
Helen Vasquez
Larry Gillen
Jim Weber
Maria Mitchell
Raymond Foddrill
Phyllis Willis
Eric Day
John Van Meter
Ulla Linenthal


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